Through my works I want to share the emotion I feel in front of my model.


His current passion for sculpture has appeared lately, Jean-Pierre Picheny nourished it firstly as a personal project, whilst leading a career as a respected professor in a technical college.
He has dedicated nearly 10 years to learn many sculpture techniques in contact with artists of his acquitance, and took his inspiration while visiting the greatest museums throughout the world.
Since then, he started in Nantes, to recruit female models motivated by an art project, and from those dedicated hours were born his very last realisations.
Figurative bronzes sculptures, as well as from more modern various materials like resins, but also photography, realistic imprints on human body, as well as a collection of abstract casted prints, new lamps projects… there is no end to his imagination.
The artist propose also on demand body casting, kid’s hands or pregnant mum bellies are few of many possibilities.


Carpeaux, Rodin, Boudier

Jean Pierre Picheny

The artist at work

Solo Expositions

2021 Serre du chateau de la Gobinière Orvault, France

2019 Artefacts d'humains Nantes Parc de Procé, France

2017 Artefacts en Kage Nantes, France

2015 Des corps et des ailes St Herblain, France

2012 Sculptures de JP Picheny Nantes Parc de Procé, France

Collective Expositions

2018 Galerie De la vague à l'art La Baule, France

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